Recap over Europe's fintech & banking events

Recap over Europe’s fintech & banking events

(Berlin/Luxembourg), 24.07.2023. The summer break is approaching – let’s use the time to reflect a bit about what we learned from running over half of Europe attending an extensive list of industry-relevant events, ranging from tech to customer support, as well as fintech and banking.

Since the beginning of the year, our Sales & Marketing team has attended an extended list of industry-relevant events, ranging from tech to customer support, as well as fintech and banking.

To give you a full picture, these are the events we have been attending to network with our peers and to discover and analyse new market needs for possible further consideration in our product roadmaps:

  • Digital Finance and Bancassurance in Frankfurt
  • TheBankingScene events in Amsterdam and Brussels
  • CCW, DMEA and Fintech World in Berlin
  • Finanz23 in Zurich
  • Banking & Technology Conference in Vienna
  • Money 2020 in Amsterdam
  • Viva Technology in Paris
  • ICT Spring in Luxembourg

We wanted to share a major takeaway / recurring topic that matters across all the different industry sectors.

As more and more customers conduct their financial business entirely online, the demand for a smooth, seamless and secure customer journey is clearly increasing.

But what does this mean for the companies themselves? What are the challenges that need to be adapted to or even anticipated?
We have identified some reoccurring topics, such as the hugely important KYC process, which in times of remote customer onboarding can be handled by an AI-based identity and authentication process, for example.

Indeed, in the age of audio and video deepfakes, it is a major challenge for organisations to meet customer expectations for convenience in doing all kinds of business online, while at the same time mitigating the risk of fraud through identity theft.

For banking, insurance and any other industry that values sensitive data, we believe there is and will be a need for secure, all-in-one communication platforms that enable secure onboarding from the outset, where successful remote authentication and identification leads to converting a prospect into a new customer and continuing to serve their needs.

For the customer, this means that their choice of bank will no longer be determined by the old standard of how physically present the bank is, but ultimately by how conveniently they can ‘do their business’.

Because no matter how futuristic or innovative a tool is… in the end: the customer decides whether he wants to use it or not.

We at jemmic have heard the message and are working on responding in an appropriate way by constantly integrating and updating requested innovations into our product portfolio.

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