Custom developments
for your company’s specific needs

Your company is unique and when it comes to your digitalisation process, we are aware that your needs and requirements are just as unique. We are aware of this and provide you with tailor-made software solutions for your specific problem areas. Of course all our solutions are fulfilling the highest security standards.

Below you can see a few examples of custom solutions developed by the jemmic team:

Internet Banking Systems

jemmic develops Web Applications fulfilling the highest security standards, especially for the Financial Industry. We support all platforms, from standard browser to tablets and mobile phones.

Securing exisiting Web Applications

jemmic also secures existing systems with strong authentication and transaction verification solutions.

Tailor-made applications for internal use

We also build applications for internal use – intuitive and reliable tools to smoothen your business.

Secure messaging and workflow engine

“Client Case Study”

A process requesting to exchange information, documents and validations between companies was difficult to manage via standard emails.

We digitised the business processes by creating a tailor-made web-based workflow engine that can be securely accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Speed up your business by securely exchanging structured information with your customers and partners all around the globe in an automated way.

“Finally a software provider who can keep up with our creativity ! With jemmic, nothing seems impossible and we dramatically reduced our time-to-market of new products.”

N.M.Executive Office, BNP Paribas
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