CrontoSign Swiss

Authenticate customers and secure transactions

jemmic partnered with Vasco to build a mobile app that banks can use off-the-shelf to authenticate customers and secure their transactions.

CrontoSign utilizes a unique visual Challenge contained in a graphical cryptogram consisting of a matrix of colored dots displayed on the customer’s PC screen. The customer uses the camera in his mobile phone or a dedicated hardware device to capture this cryptogram by photographing the screen, instantly decoding, decrypting and displaying transaction details for user verification. If the image is untampered with, the customer is then presented with critical transaction information, like payment details, decoded securely from the visual cryptogram image.

Watch the video on the left to see our founder and CEO, Jean-Pierre Schmit talk about Vasco & CrontoSign Swiss.

Main Features

Off-the-shelf solution to authenticate customers and secure their transactions

Highly secure and ready to use

Community of over 30 banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein successfully using CrontoSign

“Finally a software provider who can keep up with our creativity ! With jemmic, nothing seems impossible and we dramatically reduced our time-to-market of new products.”

N.M.Executive Office, BNP Paribas