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Conversational Banking

Leapfrog other banks in mobile banking and move straight to conversational banking.

You are in great company:
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Your own mobile banking application at a fraction of the cost.

Portfolio Performance Dashboards
Allow clients to consult their portfolio performance with easy and digestible dashboards.
Consult Account Movements
Notify clients of any account movements that take place on their account.
Offer Market Insights
Send market insights and information to clients in a targeted and personalised way.
Document Exchange and Signing
Send, receive, sign and manage banking documents through your mobile application.
Converse with your advisor
Conversations build relationships be it through audio calls or instant messaging, all available in the app.
Target Investment Opportunities
Use our broadcasting plugin to send targeted messages with investment recommendations or other products that will interest your clients.
Your own application on iOS and Android
We assist you in publishing and deploying your own application to the app stores.
Customise according to branding
The application can be customised in terms of colours and visual assets to reflect your corporate identity.

How does it work?

We create a personalised banking application and integrate it with your backend systems.

Mobile banking features out of the box
The application will pull in data from your systems and present it to the client in a digestible and easy-to-access form. Be it portfolio performance or account movements.
Prepare yourself for a future of conversational banking.
Set yourself up to achieve a completely conversational banking experience that is truly personal and convenient for your clients.

What about the hosting?

All data can be hosted on your servers or with a private cloud partner of your choice.

Discover how to create your mobile banking application with jemmic today.


The details that matter

Secure and Compliant
We understand that data security is a must. All our software has been audited by leading cybersecurity firms and complies with all requirements set forth by Swiss financial service regulators.
Third-Party Integrations
Our open API is structured to easily integrate third-party applications, chatbots, CRM's and archiving solutions, all while maintaining the highest degree of security.
We know the financial service industry and will help you navigate the landscape and stay ahead of regulations.

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