Retail Banking

We have been helping retail banks innovate and stay ahead of the curve with our products for over 12 years.

Two Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication

We provide two-factor authentication solutions for login, transactions or any other sensitive kind of operation.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Identity and Access Management (IAM)

We help retail banks manage their authentication tokens, user accesses and everything else that keeps their applications secure.

Instant Messaging Platform
Instant Messaging Platform

We have built a messaging platform created for retail banks to streamline their contact centre operations.

Trusted by over 80 banks and insurance companies & 1 million users.


We can help you create the tailor-made applications for your next project.

We work in a fast and agile way to deliver top-grade applications for any retail banking needs.
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Protect your current applications

Do your current applications need an extra layer of security? We can be your security partner for all your client-facing mobile and web banking applications.

The details that matter

Secure and Compliant
We understand that data security is a must. All our software has been audited by leading cybersecurity firms and complies with all requirements set forth by Swiss financial service regulators.
Third-Party Integrations
Our open API is structured to easily integrate third-party applications, chatbots, CRM's and archiving solutions, all while maintaining the highest degree of security.
We know the financial service industry and will help you navigate the landscape and stay ahead of regulations.

What people have to say about us

We believe that trust, innovation and outstanding service are the building blocks of successful and long-term business relationships.