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Contact Centre

Effortlessly manage large volumes of support requests from a variety of sources in one central helpdesk.

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The most effective way to manage large volumes of support requests in a secure environment.

Personal & Team Queue
Incoming support chats can be assigned to agents directly or fall into a team queue.
Complete security of data
All data can be hosted on your servers or with a private cloud partner of your choice.
Real front-to-back integration with the exchange of structured data through customisable forms inside your chat.
Intelligent Ticket Sorting
Prioritise tickets intelligently based on our smart sorting algorithms to ease customer frustration and help with the tickets that reduce the most customer pain.
Integrate third-party Chatbots
Open API, structured to easily integrate third-party applications and chatbots.
Intuitive support channel
Help your agents manage requests in real-time, with the convenience of chat, and without the stress of being on the phone.
Template responses
Create template responses that agents can reuse to save time.

The helpdesk solution to support your e-banking team.

Who could use the contact centre module in your organisation?

IT Support
Support for internal colleagues or external clients can be handled more effectively over instant messaging.
Client Support
E-Banking support teams or other operational helpdesk centres can use chat to streamline their efficiency while maintaining a high level of security.

How do clients send chat requests to your contact centre module?

Requests from multiple channels can be aggregated into one helpdesk.
Floating button on your website or secure application
Easily integrate chat support with a floating button using JavaScript without disturbing the current layout of your application.
Dedicated page on your website or secure application
Embed helpdesk access to a dedicated page using an iFrame or using our Web JavaScript SDK.
Integrated into your mobile app
Use our native iOS or Android SDK to embed a chat module into your own mobile application.

Discover how to optimise your helpdesk with your clients today!

The details that matter

Secure and Compliant
We understand that data security is a must. All our software has been audited by leading cybersecurity firms and complies with all requirements set forth by Swiss financial service regulators.
Third-Party Integrations
Our open API is structured to easily integrate third-party applications, chatbots, CRM's and archiving solutions, all while maintaining the highest degree of security.
We know the financial service industry and will help you navigate the landscape and stay ahead of regulations.

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