Used by major banks and insurance companies

A groundbreaking approach to customer portals and identity access management.

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The flexible and adaptive Identity and Access Manager

Single Sign-on (SSO)
Host your applications inside a lightweight portal and allow for single sign-on across your entire web application catalogue.
Complete Application Security
Offer complete security to your hosted applications using U-Safe. The Identity and Access Manager made for financial institutions.
Login Management
Build highly customisable login pages to sign in to your web and mobile applications for both clients and employees.
User Self-Services
Allow users to manage their own devices, adding and deleting devices without the need for any helpdesk intervention.
OAuth and OpenID Connect
Allow third-party applications to connect to your applications through standard OAuth and OpenID Connect flows and make it easy to share data securely & with user consent.
Web Application Firewall
Filter and protect access to your web applications through advanced firewall configurations, IP filtering and much more.

Authentication made simple

The following modules are included in the U-Safe Suite:

Identity and Access Manager
Verify the identity of the users and send operation confirmations to ensure the complete security of your systems.
Secure Data Sharing
Allow your applications to share data with other third-party applications (e.g. accounting software) and become completely PSD2 compliant.
Customer Portal
A lightweight and completely new approach to solving the problem of integrating several applications into one homogeneous portal.

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