A ground-breaking approach
to customer portals

No more need for a time consuming and costly monolithic portal solutions nor for cumbersome technical migrations. The innovative U-Safe suite allows you to tie all your web applications together into one homogeneous portal, leaving your with a very agile solution and a short time to market.

The built-in U-Safe Identity and Access Manager (IAM) ensures the high level of security of this solution via strong authentification. In addition, the U-Safe Suite comes with a strong Web Application Firewall to make sure your web applications are well protected.

Main benefits of the U-Safe suite:

  • A harmonised user experience thanks to Single Sign-On
  • A unified and heterogeneous landscape for your applications
  • Fully customizable to your specific needs and security policy
  • A support system managed by experienced professionals
  • A authentification system that integrates best-of-breed mechanisms and device types
  • More than one million users
  • Over 12 years for experience
  • Made in Luxembourg – running smoothly all around the world

Watch the video on the left to find out more about U-safe.

Main Features

Identity and Access Manager

Verify the identity of the user and all payment transactions through strong authentication. All major tokens are supported.

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Web Application Firewall

Protect your web applications and prevent data leakage.

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Customer Portal

A lightweight and completely new approach to solving the problem of integrating severl heterogeneous applicatoons into one homogeneous protal.

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API Gateway

Open your IT system to the mobile world

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“jemmic brought us the agility and speed in software development that put us on the fast track.”

H.V.Information Systems Officer at United Nations