The security toolbox concept

Why one-size-fits-all approaches are doomed to fail

Most providers of strong authentication solutions offer a single packaged product that is a strong authentication platform which is supposed to fulfill all possible needs.

We believe that this approach is doomed to fail, because most clients, especially in the financial sector, need to some extend an adaptation, integration or extension of the strong authentication platform in order to really fit their needs in terms of technical integration and business process compatibility.

Jemmic’s innovative toolbox concept

Therefore jemmic has chosen a different approach: instead of developing a packaged product, jemmic builds up a toolbox of strong authentication components (software libraries that can be connectors, authentication engines, frameworks, interfaces etc.).

For clients, these components are then integrated together with custom-built components for the particular needs of the client into a custom strong authentication solution.

With this innovative approach, jemmic is able to effectively fulfill a client’s need by building a custom strong authentication solution in an efficient way, tailored to the needs of the specific client.


For clients that have already a custom built strong authentication solution, it can be interesting to integrate some of jemmic’s existing components into their platform.

Custom components can be developed along your specific needs.

Your benefits:

  • no need to build-up and retain in-house specialists for complex technical questions
  • win time and money by using components with cleanly documented interfaces instead of having to cope with security algorithms
  • maintenance and 3rd level support provided by strong authentication specialists

​Examples of components are:

  • ready-to-use Java library for CAP / Passcode validations
  • OATH validation library
  • custom Tomcat realms
  • interface to IBM’s Tivoli Access Manager Integration (TAM) via External Authentication Interface (EAI)
  • custom Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) for Websphere


AuthPerform components can be bundled together to build turn-key strong authentication solutions, with dedicated data back-end and administration interface, and that fit your specific needs.