On June 18th, 2018, in presence of the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Betteland deputy mayor of Hesperange MP Diane Adehm, our brand new offices were inaugurated: now, 300 square meters in the centre of Itzig, Luxembourg, are entirely dedicated to the jemmic team.

The event saw the participation of the Luxembourgish business environment, a world composed of young (and less young) creative minds who are every day working to develop the economy of the country.

jemmic has been constantly expanding both our offer in product and services and our headcount: ambitious goals require highly-skilled team members, which again require space where to work and develop their creativity. «That’s how we found ourselves in the need of a new home. We wanted to stay in Luxembourg, a country which has everything needed to become a major digital player in Europe; and furthermore very close to the capital of the country» explains Jean-Pierre Schmit. «It’s here where the growing team will continue to develop beautiful code and develop outstanding quality for our customers».