Komgo Success Story

Komgo – Success Story

Ever since the launch of TRAFEC in 2009, we have trusted jemmic with the development and maintenance of our core software solution: the multi-bank trade finance platform TRAFEC (www.trafec.org).  TRAFEC connects banks to corporates world-wide and allows for a secure and structured trade finance message exchange.

With jemmic, we have found a software company that would custom develop this unique communication hub between banks and corporates, from scratch allowing for a standardized information exchange of the whole range of trade finance products.

We provided jemmic with 3 main challenges:

  1. Ensure the integrity of the information flow between banks and corporates with the help of high-quality platform, a very reliable software and integrated banking-grade security.
  2. A platform that allows for the information flow to be structured so that it can be processed directly by banking back-ends.
  3. An extremely intuitive and use-friendly user interface to reduce user training and increase user adoption.

The approach jemmic used was different from other software providers in that they insisted on really understanding our business first and only then coming up with custom solutions for all 3 challenges. This allowed for a smooth collaboration where misunderstandings and overall risk were kept to a minimum all whilst delivering a high-quality product. Jemmic ensured the implementation of the TRAFEC platform in a swift and efficient way.

To us, jemmic is not only a first-class service provider but also a real partner who is always trying to anticipate our future challenges and is providing us with solutions when needed. Their experience in trade finance, together with their analytical yet pragmatic way of working result in our long-lasting collaboration being truly appreciated by all stakeholders, especially banks.

We are looking forward to continue working with Jean-Pierre and his team in the future helping us integrating TRAFEC in the komgo environment for the next milestone of our product.

Guy de Pourtalès
CTO – Komgo SA