Identity and Access Manager

The Identity and Access Manager (IAM) is at the core of the U-Safe solution. Our IAM verifies the identity of the users though strong authentication. It validates payment transactions and supporst all major tokens such as SMS, one time passwords, mobile tokens, LuxTrust, SwissID or other European identity cards.

Thanks to the IAM access being centrally managed, the usability is outstanding.

Some of the main benefits of the U-Safe Identity and Access Manager include:

You can:

  • See all ongoing processes from your backend view
  • Consult documentary evidence of the sequence of activities 
  • Examine and reconstruct the sequence of events
  • Instantly locate any of your user’s inconvenience, and promptly intervene on it
  • Check the authentication status of your users
  • Obtain general and detailed statistics
  • Define fine-grained administration roles

U-Safe IAM comes with:

  • Centrally controlled application rights
  • Detailed audit trail of administrative and user actions
  • Highly customizable login screens
  • Proven user enrolment processes
  • Self-management of users
  • Automated fulfilment of tokens
  • Convenient and optimised administration of users and tokens

Usability with different tokens:

The U-Safe Iam supports many different tokens

    • Mobile tokens
    • SMS
    • OTP tokens
    • Electronic ID’s
    • LuxTrust tokens
    • CrontoSign Swiss
    • VASCO tokens
    • Comprising private tokens
    • Governmental tokens (e.g. electronic ID)
    • Third-party tokens (e.g. Swiss ID)

The tokens are automatically fulfilled and assigned to your customers and are customized with the corporate image of your bank.

Accesses are device-bound and the system comprises (includes) qualified signatures.