Count on jemmic’s expertise and
experience in the following areas

Identity and Access Management

With U-Safe, our Identity and Access Manager, we help you centrally authenticate your users through a multitude of token types and make sure that each user only gets access to authorized applications. Users will need to authenticate only once to access through Single-Sign-On to all your applications.

Web Application Firewall

Our digitization suite U-Safe incorporates a Web Application Firewall that filters all application requests against malicious attacks on application level – this way, you add an additional layer of defense to your application perimeter.

Customer Portals

With U-Safe, we integrate your best-of-breed yet heterogeneous application landscape into one homogeneous application portal with a uniform user experience and a smooth transition between the different applications.

Secure Web Applications

Secure Web development is our DNA –  the custom software we produce along our Secure Coding methodology follows the highest security standards and makes sure that your data stays safe.

Secure Chat & Instant Messaging

Chat and Instant Messaging is already a reality in internal and external communication between co-workers or with customers. With our products and solutions, you can do this in a secure and customized way where the entire flow of communication is controlled by you and by your trusted providers.

Secure Mobile Apps

We provide secure mobile applications for banking and payment applications – mobile applications that are hardened and protected against malicious attacks on the phone of the user.

Digital Signature

We integrated the qualified signatures of Swisscom and Luxtrust and provide together with our Instant Messenger an outstanding user experience – signing electronic documents has never been easier and is becoming a real game changer with regards to speeding up your business.


We provide you the right customized software to replace the unstructured email and paper exchanges in your business processes with electronic workflows that are secured, carry structured data and can be fully automated.