Customer Portal

One of the biggest technical challenges of the digitalisation of security processes is integrating several heterogeneous applications into one homogeneous portal.

The U-Safe suite solves this problem with a lightweight and completely new approach to the customer portal market.

Some of the main benefits of the U-Safe approach to customer portals include:

Short time-to-market

  • Highly cost-effective solution
  • An agile way to implement your portal
  • Adapts to changing product roadmap

Support of any Web Technology 

  • Supports a very heterogeneous application landscape
  • No re-writing of applications
  • Best-of-breed approach
  • Supports your legacy applications
  • Seamless integration of white-label cloud applications

Single Sign-On

  • One-time log in -> access to all applications
  • Save time, increase efficiency

Central User Profile

  • Consistent user information for all applications
  • User keeps his own data up-to-date

Universal Header

  • Navigation header automatically injected in every page
  • No need to modify your application