We are Jemmic

jemmic is a Luxembourg company celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019.

jemmic helps banks and insurers stay competitive by offering agile, rapidly implemented digitization solutions at a low cost.

In the words of its founder and CEO, Jean-Pierre Schmit:

“We digitize our clients’ businesses. I often hear people talk about digitizing documents but we extend digitization to the whole business, offering a client portal with different modules, but a single login. The strength of our system lies in our capacity to integrate a variety of apps, sometimes coded in different languages, which makes our clients’ digital transformation much more agile. Today banks that are still working “in the old way”, with projects that take four years to complete, will face projects being obsolete by the time they are ready to go to market. jemmic helps them reduce this lead time to six months, which is essential for keeping up with technological developments and customer expectations. Their customers ask for rapid solutions but in exchange they are willing to use direct communication channels, which offer enormous operational gains for our customers!”

“jemmic is a family of specialists, most of whom have started off in large IT companies and wanted to join a smaller, friendlier company, where integrity is not compromised by the demands of shareholders or absurd growth targets. It is the perfect environment for developing their careers and meeting the demands of – often prestigious – clients. ”

Jean-Pierre Schmit

CEO & Founder

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Jean-Pierre Schmit moved to Switzerland to study engineering at EPFL in Lausanne. He gained valuable work experience in Switzerland all whilst obtaining an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation form HEC/UNIL.

2009 held 2 major life events for Jean-Pierre: After 10 years in switzerland he moved back to Luxembourg and he decided to take the entrepreneurial road and launched his own company: jemmic.

Jean-Pierre is an active Business Angel, investing in various companies, is currently the secretary of the Fédération des Jeunes Dirigeants (2018/2019) and is volunteering at JEL (Jonk Entrepreneure Luxembourg), an association that promotes entrepreneurship in schools.

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