Celebrating our 11th aniversary in 2020

jemmic helps banks and insurers stay competitive by offering agile, secure, and rapidly implemented digitization solutions at a low cost.

A family of specialists, most of whom have started off in large IT companies and wanted to join a smaller, friendlier company, where integrity is not compromised by the demands of shareholders or absurd growth targets. It is the perfect environment for developing their careers and meeting the demands of – often prestigious – clients.

Jean-Pierre Schmit

CEO & Founder

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Jean-Pierre Schmit moved to Switzerland to study engineering at EPFL in Lausanne. He gained valuable work experience in Switzerland all whilst obtaining an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation form HEC/UNIL.

2009 held 2 major life events for Jean-Pierre: After 10 years in switzerland he moved back to Luxembourg and he decided to take the entrepreneurial road and launched his own company: jemmic.

Jean-Pierre is an active Business Angel, investing in various companies, is currently the secretary of the Fédération des Jeunes Dirigeants (2018/2019) and is volunteering at JEL (Jonk Entrepreneure Luxembourg), an association that promotes entrepreneurship in schools.

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