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The secure messenger
solution by Jemmic

SecuChat is a secured and user-friendly messenger service combining the security of Internet Banking with the usability of an instant Messenger Service.

Chat in complete security with your clients or within your company

Use qualified signatures to sign contracts on the go

Ideal for private banking and asset management

Reduce the turnaround time of client transactions

Feed data into work-flows

Archive your exchanged documents in a safe environment

Secure your instant messages with SecuChat

SecuChat has similar features than WhatsApp, Line or Facebook messenger in terms of sending and receiving messenges from contacts. However when it comes to security, SecuChat is very unique! It enables you to exchange and communicate in an offical and controlled environment. SecuChat is the ideal mobile app for a secure yet convenient and instant exchange of information with your customers or within your company.

Watch the video on the left to find out more about SecuChat.

Main Features

  • Supports qualified signatures to sign contracts and instructions on-the-fly.
  • Exists as a standardized common application, as a white-labeled mobile app or as an SDK to be integrated in your existing app.
  • Can be hosted in the cloud of a certified provider or on your premises.
  • As secure as Internet Banking
  • Perfect environment for private banking, asset management and any kind of business deals.
  • Allows for the feeding of data into workflows
  • Centrally archived documents in a safe environment
  • Entire message and/or document flow can easily be interfaced to your back office for automatic processing.

“Not only a first class service provider but also a real partner who is always trying to anticipate our future challenges and is providing us with solutions when needed.”