​Internet banking: today's challenges and our approach​

Today’s challenges

Today’s technical challenge in Internet Banking is that customers do not only want to do 100% of their banking operations online, and this 24/7, but also that they want to do it from any device on any platform. And the multitude of the devices and the fragmentation of the platforms keeps growing

Internet Banking means today not only banking on mobile phones, laptops and tablets, but also on gaming stations, televisions and even cameras.

Maintaining and developing native applications for all of these platforms is a very costly challenge, and many banks realize that maintaining and replicating the same features over a multitude of platforms sucks up the bigger part of the Internet.

Banking budget.

We think that the money spent on the adaptations for each platform would be better spent in adding new features to the Internet Banking platform and focusing on real innovation.

Our approach

Our approach is to provide one single centrally deployed Internet Banking solution that adapts the rendering of the interface to the connecting platform.

Responsive design is only part of the solution; key is that the same application, that is integrated only one single time in the core banking system, generates the content and layout for all platforms.

Our vision is that the rendering of the user interface is done centrally, and that the connecting clients use their built-in web browser to display it

Jemmic also builds custom native apps for iOS, Android or Windows that integrate these paradigms – technically  speaking they are nothing else than a wrapper to the local browser, but the user does not see any difference with traditional apps.

Your benefits:

– support of all platforms that have a HTML5-compatible browser,
– native apps that need virtually no updating: all deployments of  features and  all maintenance happens centrally, including the generation of the user interface,
– low maintenance costs, more budget is left for new features and business innovation.

Demo access

Please contact us to receive your personal access to our Internet Banking demonstration application!